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Books about the Citroën H-Type

I often get asked, if there are books about the Citroën H-Type. I only know one H-Type book:

le type H Citroën
Fabien Sabatès und Wouter Jansen
Massin Editeur
ISBN 2-7072-0194-4
Price new ca. 30 EUR (recently saw a used one at B&N for about 100 USD)
only available in french
ca. 180 pages, a lot of photographs, chassis numbers, body workers/carossiers, etc.

As far as I know, it's out of print, but you can try to find a copy at your favourite online book dealer. But please don't go straightly to (they're evil :-), instead have a look at the comprehensive list of online book dealers at to see that there are a lot of alternatives to

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